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Lupin Gang's intro (without corrections)

The barren planet Amoi was terraformed by a group of scientists who sought to make a perfect society around their supercomputer, Jupiter. Jupiter attained consciousness and seized power.

Tanagura is the capitol of Amoi, a city under the direct and complete control of Jupiter. Midas is a satellite city (or suburb) dedicated to the pleasures of the elite of Tanagura. Ceres is a region of Midas also referred to as the slum.

There had once been an attempted revolution against Jupiter. Rather than trying to suppress it, Jupiter granted the protesters their freedom. Their identities were erased. As a result, they were unable to work, buy or live outside of Ceres. A thriving black market keeps the non-citizens of Ceres supplied. The population in Ceres is kept male-heavy to keep the people there unstable and unable to organize. Because the people of Ceres still reproduce naturally, they are called mongrels. It is unclear how the female population is kept down; they are probably killed after birth.

The elite of Tanagura are genetically engineered by Jupiter to be stronger and smarter than normal humans. They are physically perfect except that they are sterile. They do not engage in direct sexual activity, but keep human pets to watch for voyeuristic purposes. The best pets are raised and trained by the Academy and are then auctioned off. Pets wear rings encoded with their registration number. When a master removes the ring, a pet's contract is over and the pet must be released. Pets are usually only kept for a year or so.

Furniture serve as harem guards for the pets. The requirement is that they must be castrated. They are usually hired from the slum, and it is actually a sought-after position because it is one of the only ways to escape a life in Ceres.

Social rank is determined by hair colour. From bottom to top, these ranks are: black, red, green, blue, silver, gold (blonde). Thus the elite are known as blondies.

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