Anime script


City at night. Riki is wandering down the street – head down, hands in the pockets. A car drives by and splashes puddle water on him. He just stops staring after the vehicle, looking miserably. Then he moves on. Midas streets, neons, reflections in the shop windows. Finally he gets to Tanagura. To Eos. He stops at the entrance. Security system drives out an identification unit.

Computer voice: Open lock number please.

Riki sees two elites passing the main hall inside. He lowers his head sadly and enters the number.

Computer voice: Pet number confirmed. Eye code check please.

Riki brings his eye to the pupil scanner.

Computer voice: Pet number Z107M check, OK.

The door opens. He goes inside, walks down the hall. Eos residents notice him and watch him curiously. Some of them are whispering. Riki heads to the elevator ignoring them. Inside the lift he puts his palm to another scanner.

Riki: Top floor.

The lift starts up. He leans against the wall, thinking.

Riki: Why... is it me? Why does a blondie from Tanagura want so much to put a collar on a mongrel?

He lowers his head. Reminiscing Guy...

Guy: Don't ever come here again.

Riki: Guy...

Reception Hall of Partia. Some business party inside. Lots of people all around. Iason is sitting at the cocktail table with his business partner, Mr Hazall.

Hazall: Well, I'm extremely pleased with the truly significant results we've achieved in this trade conference.

Iason: I agree... We are always grateful for the federal governments understanding and services. Please.

Hazall: Not at all. We were able to complete the conference smoothly all because of your help Mr Iason. As usual, I am impressed with your splendid performance. It seems like Tanagura's prosperity is even more indestructible.

Hazal laughs at his own flattery. He and his associates are sitting on the sofa opposite to Iason. There is a young boy resting limply against Hazall's shoulder. Raoul sitting at the next table casts them somehow bored glance.

Iason: (sipping his wine) To be flattered so much by Mr Hazall who is a column in the federation, I fear the consequences.

Hazall: Nevertheless, how magnificent the sponsor of Partia is.

Hazall brings his own wine to his nose and inhales with delight.

Hazall: Mmm. The food and wine. Top quality in every respect.

He takes the boy by his chin and forces his head up. It's Kirie. His eyes are completely empty, face motionless. Apparently after brainwashing.

Iason: Only the best for the VIP. That is Jupiter's wish. If you have any desires, please. I will try my best so you will enjoy to the fullest.

Hazall: Thank you kindly.

A furniture walks over to Iason, leans down and whispers something to him. He listens with interest then rises.

Iason: Excuse me.

He walks away. Hazall follows him with his gaze, clearly unhappy.

In the garden Raoul catches up to Iason.

Raoul: Iason...

Iason stops. He looks back at his companion.

Raoul: Something happened?

Iason: Nothing important.

Raoul comes closer and puts his hand on Iason's shoulder.

Raoul: I don't think so. Not if the party's host has to sneak out and attend to it.

Iason: You don't have to accompany me, Raoul.

Raoul: Don't mind me. I was getting fed up with flattery and society laughs.

They move on to the parking lot.

Parking lot. Quite dark, no one to be seen around. In one of the cars three men are talking.

Man A: Is he really coming?

Man B: Yes. If there's no mistake in the plan.

The gun clicks as it is being unlocked.

Man B: If the information is correct, it should be a private car tonight.

Man B prepares his gun too.

Man C: But don't you think it's too good a story for a syndicate boss to be using a private car for official business. It's like saying 'go ahead and shoot me'.

Man B: The enemy isn't human. It's a blondie, he's not like us.

Iason and Raoul are going down in the elevator.

Man B: Anyway, Partia thought it to be the safest area in their territory. They're bound to be lax.

The lift doors open with a clink, revealing two blondies. They go outside.

Man A: There's no security police on guard.

The car roof opens and one of the men sticks his head out. Iason draws magnetic card through the scanner. His car pulls out of the place.

Man B: Who cares. All we need to do is blow out Iason Mink's head.

Iason's head is already in the gun sight. Raoul comes into view and covers the target, but he leaves a moment later. The man shoots. Iason stands still. When the laser ray reaches him, it is returned straight in the assassins' direction hitting their car.

Man B: A shield!

Raoul approaches the side door and presses the opening button. Police squad scatter into the parking lot.

Man B: Shit. They've found us.

The squad open fire and shoot at them mercilessly.

Man C: Bastard!

Soon all three assassins are dead.

Two blondies stand untouched next to each other. Police officer comes up to Iason and salutes him. The blondie nods slightly dismissing him. And the man walks away.

Raoul: Was it a good idea to kill them all off?

Iason: They're only small fish. I don't think we could have gained any new information by capturing them. It's common place for them to let others take the blame.

Iason's car stops in front of them.

Iason: It's no use unless we get definite proof. But I'll make sure they pay for tonight.

He gets into the car.

Raoul: Iason.

Iason: What is it?

Raoul: You're the pivot of the syndicate that rules Tanagura. And your head is not easily replaced.

Iason turns away from him, looking bored.

Raoul: If you are removed it means Tanagura's framework is shaken. Listen, don't ever do a stupid thing like taking on an Achilles yourself.

Iason: I've told you, Raoul, I have no intention to argue with you anymore about Riki. As long as I perform my duties as a blondie perfectly, not even Jupiter has the right to interfere in my private life.

The light goes off inside the car and he drives away leaving Raoul alone.

At the docks. Syd and Luke are sitting on the junk pile watching Norris and Guy in a particularly rough bike race. Now and then the bikes crush against each other's sides.

Syd: Guy's kinda' running wild.

Luke: Yeah 'cause Riki's disappeared again. We're so jinxed, Bison's finished.

Syd: Either way, we're on the black list. Suppose we're lucky just to be alive taking on the Midas police as enemies.

The bikes take a sharp turn, crush against each other again, then finally Norris loses control and falls off his machine. Guy rides on not looking back.

Norris: You idiot! You're so bloody mad, you wanna die or what!?

Finally Guy screeches to a halt. The race is over.

A few minutes later they are all sitting on the pile.

Norris: Hey Luke, say something. Nine lives of a cat wouldn't be enough for him.

Luke: Guy, I understand how you feel but, well, take it easy.

Guy: (screaming) What do you understand?! I... shit!

He angrily kicks some piece of junk, sending it flying high into the air...

Sunset. Guy is standing by his bike, alone, looking at the ocean.

Guy: Riki, have you really gone to that blondie's place. Abandoning us... me.

He turns around. He is furious.

Guy: No, that's not it. Him... he used dirty tricks and stole away Riki from us. That fucking blondie!

Iason's penthouse apartment. Riki sits on the ledge of the balcony. A cigarette in his hand, a frown on his face. He's reminiscing the past.

A glass of whine, knocked over...

Shackled hands, palms clenched into fists, fists holing the chain...

Iason: How much longer are you going to be obstinate?

Riki wearing only leather BDSM straps and chains, lying face-down on the floor, his upper body lifted on his elbows. He's all trembling with anger.

Iason: I've told you it won't end unless you provide a stronger stimulus.

More anger in Riki's eyes.

Iason: I see, shall I call Daryl again?

Fear in Riki's eyes.

A sight of Daryl's eyes. The eyes narrow.

Resignation in Riki's eyes. The chain clinks as the mongrel sits up. It starts to move up and down. Riki's hand between his legs moves in the same pace.

Iason: Spread your legs more, I can't see.

The room is dark. Iason sits in front of Riki in the distance, watching him. Riki is breathing heavily. His hand is still working up and down. The chains are clinking.

Iason: It is common knowledge that a pets' copulation is for public viewing. As a pet, pride and shame are not necessary.

The legs come more apart. The hand starts to work harder. Riki's hips begin to thrust as his arousal kicks in. Shackled foot rises to toes. Riki inhales loudly. The chains clink and tighten as his upper body arches involuntarily. He throws his head back and slowly relaxes after the climax...

A master-pet party. People all around. Some pets on the ring-like stage, wearing only their briefs and tops. Riki among them. Some young boy trips him sending him to his knees. The mongrel sees the boy's feet presented to him as if for a kiss. He grabs it, momentarily throws the boy off his feet, then jumps up and hits his companion. The other boy howls with pain clenching his jaw. Riki rubs his fist with satisfaction and looks back at Iason. The blondie is sitting in the shadowed armchair in the audience. He nods slightly.

Riki chained again. Loud gasping, painful expression. Similar leather 'outfit' as in the first scene. His hands restrained above his head. Iason watching closely.

Iason's finger parts Riki's lips and slips into his mouth. Riki bites at it angrily. Iason's eye narrows. He looks at the blood-stained white glove. He grabs Riki's hair from behind and roughly pulls his head back. The boy gasps again. White gloved hands grasp his hips and pull his bare bottom back with one violent move. Riki screams painfully. He throws his head back. His expression tenses, he is trembling. Iason calm face just behind him. Riki slowly relaxes again.

A girl kissing Riki in the glow. The girl writhing as if in ecstasy.

Iason looking at Riki walking away. The wind blowing through the blonde hair.

Iason: You no longer have a pet ring to bind you. Go back to Ceres. I will give you a year of freedom.

Riki is still staring absently ahead. The ash falls down from the forgotten cigarette. That brings him back to reality. He puts the cigarette out and shoves the stub into the empty box.

Riki: It was my last one... wasted.

He irritably throws the box over the balcony. Iason is approaching from the inside. He stops next to Riki. The boy is still looking at the city.

Iason: You're here again. Seems like you didn't go out at all again.

Riki: Where the hell am I to go? To the salon? A pet who's over 20 AND from the slum, I'm a living fossil in Eos. I'm fed up of being part of a freak show.

Iason: What great progress. I do not mind at all what you do... (he takes Riki under his chin and forces the boy to face him) as long as you are aware of the fact that you are my pet.

Riki's expression grows irritable.

Riki: Oh, shut up.

He gets up angrily.

Riki: Using dirty tricks on me, what do you mean 'aware of the fact'?!

Iason wraps his hand around him and pulls him closer.

Iason: That's right, don't forget.

A white-gloved hand trails down Riki's arm...

Iason: You are my pet, Riki.

The hand plunges to Riki's front. The boy exhales and leans back on Iason's other hand.

Iason: As long as you've got the pet ring on, you are mine. No matter who says anything. No matter who you may be thinking of.

Iason pulls Riki's head up and leans to kiss the stunned boy.

Riki: (thinking) What, why is it?

Midas street. Guy is standing at the bank entrance. He spots a reach looking old man approaching the cash dispenser. He comes closer, knocks the man out and takes his wallet.

Some nightclub a while later. He meets a dealer and exchanges the money for a suspicious looking case...

A darkened room. Katze is sitting in front of the comm unit smoking a cigarette as usual.

Katze: You mean, Riki in the black market?

Iason: Yes. He used to work for you before. Could you still use him?

Katze: Well yes, he was skilled enough to go by the name of Riki the Dark. Don't see why he couldn't, once he's got his touch back... Are you serious?

Iason's face is blank on the screen.

Iason: Seems like the water of Eos does not agree with a mongrel from the slum. He came pleading that he would suffocate here.

He snorts and lowers his head.

Iason: HE came to ME. That's why if you can use him, I'm willing to loosen his chain a bit more.

Katze: The market is, so to speak, a double sided knife. Rumours will be exaggerated and spread like fire... Do you not mind that?

He puts the cigarette out.

Iason: It just means that an open secret is no longer a secret. I won't interfere once you have taken over. And as long as he doesn't break loose.

Katze: Even if Riki's existence becomes an Achilles?

Iason: It's better than letting him suffocate in Eos.

Katze: Do you love him... so much?

Iason closes his eyes. He is silent for a moment. Then he looks at Katze again.

Iason: Then, I'll leave it to you, Katze.

The screen goes black. Katze leans back in his chair.

Katze: What are you going to do, Riki? You've completely dragged down a Tanagura blondie to the level of the low-class human. What are you going to do from now?

Bison's hideout. Guy is tinkering with the stuff he bought from the dealer. The rest of the group sit on the couch watching him curiously.

Syd: Guy, I've got no idea what you're up to, but just give it up.

Luke: That's right. Riki's left us and from what I hear he's doing handsomely, riding in the lap of luxury in Apatia. Strictly a rumour, though.

Syd: Apatia's that prominent area in Midas where they keep their pets in exclusive condominiums.

Guy's doesn't seem to listen. He is focused on his work.

Syd: There's not many chances about for mongrels like us to climb up. That bastard, he's done it good.

Luke: Hey Guy. Was Riki that good?

Guy turns to them slowly.

Guy: Don't talk big... (he raises his voice) when you don't know anything! (and calms down again) Mongrels like us making a big riot, being released and not even getting beaten to death. Do you guys really think that we were just lucky?

Luke: You saying there was someone behind all this?

Guy rises from his chair.

Guy: To cut a long story short, there was someone who wanted Riki so much as to crush Bison. And that someone, instead of squeezing our necks is making a toy out of Riki in Apatia.

He bends over his working board. There is a deadly determination in his voice when he continues.

Guy: So! I'm gonna retrieve him.

Norris: From... who?

Guy: Tanagura's... Mr Blondie!

Luke chokes with his stout. Guy walks out.

Luke: Hear that? 'Tanagura's Mr Blondie'. Riki leaving him twice must've, ha, made him go nuts.

Norris: Do... you think he really means it?

Syd: Don't be stupid! What can a slum mongrel do against the blondies?

Spaceport. A shuttle takes off. Then another. Katze sits in the control tower in front of the terminal and talks to someone on the comm unit.

Katze: (angrily) You incompetent moron... If you've got time to make stupid excuses, get the men!

He breaks the connection slamming on the button with his fist. Riki is standing behind his chair. He is wearing regular work overalls.

Katze: How many years has that idiot worked in the market?

Riki: Seems like your cargo's not gonna arrive on time.

Katze: We'll have to send someone from this end.

Riki: I'll go. If it's Daars, it's a day in the shuttle.

He turns to leave.

Katze: You can't go.

Riki stops. There is a long moment of silence between them.

Riki: So my chain isn't that long.

Katze: I'm glad you're understanding, Riki. I don't have to waste words. Here, (he holds out a pad with the work schedule) go to the basement and do some work.

Riki takes it angrily and goes.

The basement. Boxes, forklifts, other things. A big van stops by one of the walls. Riki brings his forklift to a stop at the scan unit. He looks at the schedule, draws the magnetic card through the scanner, and pulls out again.

Riki: (thinking) I'm so grateful. Everyone's so protective of me.

Suddenly there is a slamming sound behind him. He turns his head stopping the forklift.

Guard A: Stop!

A young man runs through the hangar. He is chased by two guards.

Guard A: Stop you idiot!

One of the guards catches up to him and knocks him down with a powerful blow.

Guard A: Stay down!

Riki watches the scene with a frown. The beating is still audible in the background.

Guard A: There's hundreds of degenerate ex-Pets like you! If you disobey we'll cut your arms and legs off and send you down to Ranaya Uugo for the rest of your life!

The guard grabs the runaway by his hair forcing his head up. The young man is whining painfully. Riki recognizes his face with another flashback – the boy who tripped him during the master-pet party.

Riki: Enif?

Guard B: Just causing more trouble, you.

Someone puts a hand on Riki's shoulder startling him. He turns and sees Katze.

Katze: Even the pets in Eos, who were aloof and patronising, grow old and lose their masters' interest. Doesn't matter if they're from the academy or the harlem, the only thing left is to fall from one whore house in Midas to the next 'till you get to hell.

The guards walk the ex-Pet away.

Katze: The fate of a pet is more or less the same. Riki, have you ever thought about how lucky you are to be here. And how much of a risk Iason is taking behind all of this.

Riki gasps in surprise. Then something like a half-smile, half-scowl crosses his face.

Another night. The city of Midas lives its own life. Apatia is towering over the town. While in the bedroom of the penthouse apartment...

Riki is lying on the bed. He is holding tightly onto the pillows, breathing heavily. Iason's head between his legs. Riki's hand goes down and starts to play with the blonde hair wrapping the strands around the fingers. Iason looks up at his pet's face, still working steadily. Riki's breath becomes louder and more ragged. His body tenses, he arches his back. He screams then falls limply on the sheets.

Riki is lying on his side, calming his breath. Iason watches him closely embracing him from behind, giving him a break.

Riki's bottom raised up. Iason brings his hand to it. The fingers disappear between the cheeks and begin to move. Riki's face twists in ecstasy as another choked sounds start to escape his throat.

Another break. Riki is all trembling, exhausted. Iason – as before – lying behind him, with his arms wrapped around his pet.

Riki is lying on his back, his hands rested loosely beside his head. Iason brushes the boy's lips with his fingers. Riki just stares at him, allowing to the caress.

Riki is lying on his stomach, legs spread slightly. Iason slowly brings his hips to Riki's bottom. The mongrel gasps again (he's an extremely loud lover ;). Iason lowers his body to Riki's back.

Riki: Let me go.

Iason: (whispering into his ear) Not yet, it's not enough.

He begins to move. He sways over Riki back and forth until the boy begins to move with him in unison. His breath grows harder and harder.

His fingers clench on the blondie's skin. They now face each other, still thrusting. Riki squeezes Iason's arms. He screams his ecstasy. Iason throws his head back, his hair cascading in the air. Then he leans to kiss Riki and the boy allows, eyes half-closed, face looking completely dazed.

A view of the city at night again.

Riki: Iason, is it true that you're in a bad position because of me?

Guy standing by the wall on some street, looking as if he was hiding.

Iason: Who did you hear that from?

Hand curled into fist.

Riki: You hear rumours from everywhere. As it is, I'm supposed to be THE rare animal.

Guy leaning angrily with his fists against the wall.

Iason chuckles.

Riki: (scolding) It's no laughing matter!

Iason: So, you're worried for me?

Bizon's hideout. Luke slumped on the floor. Norris breathing out cigarette smoke. Lights switching from blue to red and again, like in some night club. Syd on the couch with some woman...

Riki: Who, me?! I'm just a bit concerned if I'd be sent back to Eos.

Iason: If you've got time to worry about that, you'd better improve your skills. I'm not saying you should be a hacker but... or else you'll always be just a rare animal.

Riki is wandering down the street. Every now and then he looks at the shop windows. He spots a bike in one of them. He walks inside, examines the bike. The shop assistant tries to praise the article to him, but Riki just looks at it sadly then leaves without a word. The man shakes imaginary dusts from the places Riki touched.

The boy keeps walking aimlessly through the city. The night falls. He doesn't notice he is being followed by a man on the bike. He turns into a smaller darker lane, and the motorcycle suddenly speeds up. He spots it only when it causes two cars smash at each other. It rides past him, takes a sharp turn and coming back knocks him over to the pavement. The bike slides to a halt. Riki watches with terror as the motorcyclist points a gun at him. He manages to see the part of his face through the helmet visor.

Riki: Guy...?

Guy shoots. Riki gets caught in the blue streams of current. He screams with pain then passes out.

Iason's office. The phone calls. Iason picks it up.

Iason: Katze... what is it?

He listens for a moment. His eyes widen in shock.

Iason: What? When? (he listens) Alright... It's not necessary for you to move. This is private. Is that understood, Katze?

He disconnects and puts the phone back to the desk. He turns on the tracer screen and enters Riki's pet number. He checks Tanagura. Then Midas. Riki is nowhere to be seen. Iason turns the computer off and now looks really concerned.

Iason: Have they gone outside? If so, where?!

He visits Jupiter. He talks to him for a while, then just rises and leaves; either side apparently gaining nothing from the talk.

He sits alone in his office. The elevator doors open and Raoul comes in. He walks over to Iason's desk and sits on its top.

Raoul: Has there been any trouble?

Iason: No not really.

Raoul: It's very seldom that you've got such a concerned look on your face.

He gets no answer. Iason doesn't even look at him.

Raoul: Seems like you were called out by Jupiter.

Iason frowns.

Raoul: It's between us so I'll come out straight. Rule breaking, in its own way, should have its tacit rules. Unless you start facing facts, you'll get everyone's back up. No one's going to trust you anymore.

Iason: You mean keeping Riki in Apatia?

Raoul: When a syndicate boss looses charisma, that's the end. A scandal with a pet, a mongrel pet, is the lowest of the low.

Iason: He said that too. That the name, Iason Mink, would be blemished.

Raoul: Iason. Don't forget this. I flatly refuse to be the one to tamper with your mind.

Iason closes his eyes. They sit for a while in companionable silence.

Riki slowly opens his eyes. The yellow light he sees turns out to be an old lamp sitting on the table.

Guy: How do you feel?

Guy sits on the chair at the table. Riki is lying on the floor.

Riki: Just great, thanks!

Guy: Thought so.

Riki sits up.

Riki: Where are we?

Guy: Dana Bahn.

Riki: Dana Bahn? The underground shelter when they had the revolution?

Guy: Looks pretty run down but hey, its not everyday that you come across a place like this.

Riki hides his face in his hand. He is far from happy.

Riki: We'll soon be found. The pet ring is combined with a tracer.

Guy: It won't be of any use here. This place is shielded. I had to take these measures to hear your true feelings.

Riki: What's the use of saying what's true or false now? It's been 3 years, Guy. Do you know what a pet really is? I didn't have a clue until I came back to the slum. The weight of being his pet for three years. Iason's poison has stained my blood.

He lowers his head even more. Guy closes his eyes. Riki's voice grows frustrated.

Riki: There's no way to get it out. The reality that I was a pet won't change.

Guy: Then just scrap the whole thing.

Riki looks up.

Riki: You don't understand. You don't understand at all!

Guy: Yeah, I don't want to understand your pointless arguments. What are you so afraid of? Don't tell me you don't mind being kept for the rest of your life?

Riki rises.

Riki: How long do I have to put up with this stupidity?!

Guy: 'till the storm blows over.

Riki leans over Guy. He is really angry.

Riki: It's never gonna blow over! Do you understand? What you've done isn't just a slap on his cheek! It's like pissing on a blondie's pride!

Guy: (smiles) Such confidence. You're saying a blondie's gonna get so hot about having a mere pet kidnapped.

It happens to be a slap on Riki's cheek in turn. For a moment he is stifling an angry sob. Then he gets a grip.

Riki: Do you really want to know the truth?!

Guy: Yeah, I do. Until I'm completely satisfied.

For a few seconds they look each other in the eye. Then Riki straightens up and starts to strip. He pulls off one piece of his clothes after another. Until he stands in front of stunned Guy completely naked.

Riki: This is the truth you wanted to know. Open your eyes wide and look! Did you know? It gives me the shivers when I'm caressed lightly here. (he touches his nipple) Here, and here too.

Guy closes his eyes and turns his face away with a painful expression.

Riki: He says they're my good points. As long as the ring is on my penis I can do it with him. And you have no right to wreck that!

He looks angrily at Guy, Katze's voice rings in his head.

Katze: If you really care about Guy, cut him off completely.

Guy: You're saying I'm self-complacent?

Guy rises and grabs Riki by his arms.

Guy: Don't I even have the right to feel for you?!

He looks at his former lover. Hope and pain flashing in his eyes.

Riki: (thinking) Don't say that. Don't torture me with those eyes.

Riki violently pulls free from Guy's grip.

Riki: That's right! I'll do as I please! Don't make me repeat myself!

Guy: Why? Is he better than me! I won't approve of that. Never! You were our boss!

Unexpectedly he walks up to Riki and hugs him tightly from behind.

Guy: When we used to hang out together, everybody turned to look. I was so proud of you. With you, I didn't care how dangerous it was. Riki, you gonna destroy that? Can you betray us? I'm not saying come back to Bison. You don't even have to be my Riki, but just don't be his. Not his!

He brings his lips closer to Riki's ear. He is speaking softly now.

Guy: I won't approve of you being his toy for the rest of you life.

He reaches between Riki's legs. Riki tries to stifle a gasp.

Guy: I won't let you say I'm a nosy guy and should mind my own business, Riki. He's the one who hit my cheek first. He's the one who picked the fight. You can't leave him because of this. Then, better take it off.

Riki gasps, stunned. But then he just closes his eyes, as if in resignation.

Iason sits in his office. The phone rings. He tenses. And picks it up.

Iason: Riki?

There is no answer.

Iason: Who is it!? Name yourself!

Guy's voice: You wouldn't me know even if I told you. I'll give back something important to you. Wednesday, 15:00, entrance to Dana Bahn. Got that?

A snap and a beeping sound in the receiver signal that the connection is off.

Guy's apartment. Riki lies unconscious on the bed. His watch and a box of painkillers sit on the nightstand. Guy walks up to him, watches him for a moment then leans down and kisses him on the cheek. He takes his case. The door swish open and shut as he leaves. Riki opens his eyes. He slowly, cautiously turns to the nightstand and reaches out for his watch. He switches it until he gets to the tracer mode, he turns the tracking device on.

On his computer Katze gets an information he caught Riki's location. He switches the screen to the tracking mode as well and finds the place. His eyes narrow.

In Dana Bahn Guy plants explosives all over the place.

Iason gets into his car and pulls out.

The door opens and Katze goes inside with his gun at the ready. He enters the room. And sees Riki.

The boy is sitting on the sofa, his elbows rested on his knees, head down. Two empty bottles of stout on the table. Katze puts his gun back into his pocket.

Katze: I thought it would be something like this.

He walks over to the mongrel.

Katze: Indeed, you're such a hopeless case. Who's the master-mind? Is it Guy?

Riki: How's Iason?

Katze: Go and see for yourself.

Riki: It's too late. I can't see him now.

Katze: Haven't got time to listen to your impertinent talk.

He tosses the jacket on Riki's lap.

Katze: Hurry up and get ready.

Riki: I can't go back, Katze. (he raises his head) I'm not a man anymore. I'm the same as you now. It was the only way to take the pet ring off. What a bitter requital.

Katze's expression grows really mad.

Katze: That... idiot! He's fucking out of his mind!

With one strong kick he knocks the table over. The bottles fall to the ground, something shatters.

Katze: And where has that idiot gone?

Riki: Dana Bahn, I think. Tracer on the ring didn't work, did it? We were hiding there all the time. He said something about bringing back the stuff that was left there.

Katze: Can you walk?

Riki: Just about.

Riki gets up with Katze's help. Katze throws the jacket over his shoulders.

Katze: Then we'd better hurry. We'll fly to Dana Bahn and catch him, so he won't do anymore stupid things. We can talk about things later. I suppose you called 'cause you wanted me to take a hand in it?

Riki: Sorry. I'll sort things out.

Dana Bahn. Iason waits outside the shelter. The place looks like a desert. The wind is blowing. Guy walks outside. Iason hears him approaching and turns around. They stand facing each other. The wind is making their hair dance in the air. The sun is setting...

Guy: Didn't think you'd come on your own. Blondie pride, eh?

Iason: I see, it's you. Guy, wasn't it? An old pairing partner posing as a knight?

Guy looks irritated at these words. He turns around.

Guy: Come on, let's get done with it.

Iason follows him inside. They pass the hall and walk into one of the rooms. Guy locks the door and leans against it.

Iason: Don't tell me you've been confining Riki in a place like this.

Guy: Don't tell ME a Tanagura blondie is truly saying that from his heart.

Iason: An owner doesn't need any reason to care for his pet.

Guy: Iason, I bet you think I'm a nuts.

He approaches the table in the center.

Guy: What's a crazed mongrel doing against a blondie?

He slumps down on the chair, crosses his arms and rests his leg against the edge of the table top.

Guy: But hey, scum have pride as well. If you think you don't have anything to lose, you can do anything. Even to contest with you.

Iason: I applaud your courage. Although it makes me slightly annoyed.

Guy: Same here. You completely crushed Bison.

Iason: I think that's enough of an introduction. Right, let's have Riki back. Where are you hiding him?

Guy: (smiling) Why do you think that?

Iason shows him a little tracking device on his wrist. It's beeping.

Guy: Oh, so that's how it works. No wonder Riki's scared shitless.

Iason: Give him back. He's my pet.

Guy's smile fades. He kicks the table in Iason's direction. Iason stops the furniture with his hand. There's a little box on the table top.

Guy: Take it!

Iason takes and opens. He frowns, shocked, seeing the contents. The box falls from his hands. Guy is smiling again. The pet ring lands on the ground. Iason's face is blank. For now.

Guy: I've definitely returned it. Now there's nothing to tie Riki down, except you!

The blondie's expression changes. A loathing frown seizes his face. He begins to tremble with rage.

Iason: I'll... KILL YOU!

Guy jumps up from his chair.

Guy: I'll give you those words straight back! Riki's not going. He's not going back to you even if it's over my dead body!

Iason darts to him and with a single blow sends him to the wall, bleeding and half conscious.

Riki and Katze arrive at the place. Katze stays by the car while Riki moves inside.

In the room Iason lifts Guy up with one hand.

Iason: Where's Riki?

Guy spits blood on his cheek. Iason wipes it off and grabs Guy's left wrist. His eyes are ice-cold. He twists the mongrel's hand mercilessly, the bones crack loudly. Guy cries in pain. Riki in the corridor hears the scream. He breaks into run, trips, rises, and runs again.

Riki: Guy.

Back in the room. Guy lies at Iason's feet. Fingers of his crushed hand shudder convulsively. The mongrel lifts himself to his knees, groaning. He pulls the remote control out of his pocket and activates the explosives with his teeth. Iason apparently isn't taking him seriously, as he's just looking. The first explosion on the corridor knocks Riki to the wall. The lights go off. Guy looks at Iason angrily, squeezing his injured arm.

Guy: I ain't giving him. You're gonna come down with me.

Iason kicks him hard in his stomach. Guy lands flat on the floor and passes out. There is a pounding at the door.

Riki: (screaming madly) Guy, you here, Guy?!

Iason unlocks the door and opens it. Seeing Riki he hugs him tightly. Riki just blinks, completely dumbfounded. They stand like that for a while, but are interrupted by the explosion in the distance. Iason pulls back and Riki notices with terror what's left of Guy.

Riki: It can't... be.

He pushes Iason off the way.

Riki: (yelling) Why?! You promised not to hurt him!

Iason shows him the ring.

Iason: It's an inevitable retribution. Come, Riki.

He takes Riki by his arm but the boy breaks loose.

Iason: What is it? There's no need to stick around this madness he's caused, he's lost it, Riki.

Riki suddenly grabs him by his shoulders.

Riki: Iason, please. I can't leave Guy here. He isn't dead, right?

He leans his head against Iason's chest. His voice falters. He begins to sob.

Riki: Then please save him.

Iason looks at him with grief.

Iason: Do you love him... so much?!

Riki: That's not it! We've driven him to this, me and you, Iason. It's ok for you, but if I abandon him now, I'm gonna be worse than scum. I can't live with that.

Iason calmly puts Riki's hands down and goes back into the room. Another explosion shakes the shelter. Iason re-emerges with Guy hung over his shoulder. He moves down the corridor without another word. Riki is tottering after him. He is very weak, he can barely walk. Iason walks slowly so that Riki could keep up. He looks back once to make sure his pet is behind. They are already at the front gate, when there is another huge explosion. The thick metal frame of the entrance begins to crack.

Iason: Riki!

He throws Guy ahead, runs back and grabs Riki. He helps him out, and at the last minute he jumps forward throwing Riki ahead just like he did with Guy. The gate collapse with a powerful thump. Iason lands with his back against the metal wall at the outside part of the entrance. He frowns with pain. It's still dangerous – the whole place is shaking and cracking, and there is still a whole front passage to walk by.

Iason: (whispering) Are you alright?

Riki: (whispering back) Yeah, just about.

On the opposite side of the passage Riki is lifting himself up on his elbows.

Iason: Can you go on?

Riki: I'll crawl if I have to.

But Iason just sits.

Riki: What are you doing? If you don't hurry...

And then he sees. Iason's legs have been cut off just above his knees. He sits in his own blood. Riki stares at it with terror. Iason's face is calm already.

Iason: (whispering) Take Guy. You haven't got much time.

Riki lowers his head as his eyes fill with tears. Miserable sob escapes his throat. But he takes Guy and struggles through the passage with him. There are further explosions. Iason watches him walk away. Until he disappears at the outlet. Then the blondie closes his eyes.

Blankness. Changing into the deep blue of the evening sky.

Riki: (a voice in his head) Riki. Come on, Riki.

Katze: Riki! Hey, Riki!

Riki sits up. Katze is leaning over him. The boy grabs him by the sleeve of his coat.

Riki: Help Guy.

Katze: Listen, don't pass out.

Riki: Haven't got time for that. Still inside...

Katze: Just let go. We'll talk later.

Riki: Iason's... still inside...

Katze: Where?! Why?!

Riki: Seems like Guy was planing to blow up this place with Iason... as company... the explosion was too great... he tried to protect me... can't move...

Katze's expression grows angry.

Katze: And you just left him there?

Fire, explosions, streams of electricity everywhere. Iason sits alone, his face still turned towards the far opening of the passage. He's reminiscing the past.

Iason looking at Riki walking away. The wind blowing through the blonde hair.

Iason: You no longer have a pet ring to bind you. I will give you a year of freedom. I'll be waiting, for that moment. The moment that you will truly become mine...

Suddenly he gasps in surprise. There is someone at the outlet. And he is heading this way. He comes into the light of explosions and now Iason can see him clearly. He is stunned.

Iason: Riki... Why?!

Riki walks towards him recalling the talk outside.

Riki: That's why I'll go back.

Katze: You serious?

Riki: He knew Guy would be a hindrance, he risked himself to save me, that's enough reason to go back. I won't let him go on his own.

Riki stops and lowers his head to take a breath. Then he looks up again with determination in his eyes.

Katze holds out a box of cigarettes. His face is gentle now.

Katze: It's black moon. I have it 'cause of the business, just in case. You'll soon be relieved if you smoke it.

And Riki takes the box. Katze picks unconscious Guy up and walks with him towards the car.

Riki stops by Iason.

Riki: Bet you're bored on your own. Thought you might want someone to talk to.

He sits down next to him.

Riki: Tell me if I'm a nuisance and I'll shut up. It's not my style to flirt but at least I can curl up by your feet.

He leans against Iason and rests his head on the blondie's shoulder. He closes his eyes. Iason's expression is somewhat dumbfounded. But then he smiles softly.

There are another explosions. Riki takes two cigarettes out of the box. He puts one into his mouth and holds out the other one to Iason.

Riki: You want one?

Iason: Could do. Not bad to have a last smoke with you.

He takes the cigarette from Riki's hand and uses a lighter offered by him to light it. He takes a long drag. With dazed-like, trustful expression Riki touches the tip of his own cigarette to Iason's one and deeply inhales with the poisonous smoke.

Riki: (thinking) This is our last deep kiss.

The 'kiss' lasts as more and more fire and explosions seize the passage. Pieces of metal walls, installation and wires crack, fall down and shatter. The whole place is falling apart. Iason wraps his arm around Riki and draws him even closer. And the mongrel cranes his neck to snuggle his head in the crook of his master's shoulder. They look at each other for a long time, finally Riki's eyes close.

A huge explosion ruins Dana Bahn.

As it happens, Jupiter gives out a powerful, anguished cry. The whole city is struck by blue streams of electricity in the pathetic aftermath.

Raoul looking out of the window of his apartment whispers Iason's name. A glass of wine shatters as his hand clenches.

Katze comes back to his place. He sits down in his chair, in the darkness. He takes a cigarette and lights it. He is sitting still for a while, then a single tear runs down his cheek. The cigarette falls out of his mouth as he gasps in surprise at his own reaction. But then more tears drop to the floor and he just bends down, hides his face in his hands and begins to cry.

Dana Bahn. Guy standing alone in the ruins of the shelter.

Katze's voice: People, somehow somewhere, have to support each other to live. No matter who is who's support. I don't quite understand it but, they could only be drawn close by rebelling against each other.

Guy kneels down. He touches the ground. His hand curls into fist.

Katze's voice: I suppose... perhaps it was fate. Master and pet. You may be reluctant to accept, but some love can only be requited in such an ending.

Guy rises from his knee. He kicks some piece of metal.

Guy: I'll contemplate on the burden of losing one arm. Seems like I've got plenty of time to think about it. Riki...

With this last painful word he turns around and walks away.

The End

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