Some drafts of AnK universe – canon and fanon. Some drafts of the trends in AnK fanfiction. And in general, everything worth to talk about.

by Lena

Revealing the Secrets of Tanagura

That's how it all started. My first article in AnK. Having read the novel, I thought that it would be interesting to compare it with the anime. I also realized that there was quite a lot of confusion around Ai no Kusabi. The article is an attempt to correct the misinterpretations and offer some answers and suggestions about AnK background.

Myths of Ai no Kusabi

Whips, taming sticks and paddles. Chains and cock rings. BDSM and lots of sex. Is that really Ai no Kusabi? The article deals with the many common beliefs in AnK.

Doubts (un)answered

Ai no Kusabi universe leaves a lot to our imagination. Some things can be guessed from bits of information we are given, about others we can only speculate. People asked many questions about AnK. Based on those questions I tried to form some answers. These are just my theories and guesses, not to be taken too seriously. But perhaps someone could find them useful.

by Juxian Tang

Ai no Kusabi in a Russian Way

A very interesting draft on AnK fanfiction in Russian fandom. With lots of humor, Juxian describes its main traits, illustrating them with vivid examples. ;-) When it comes to AnK, Russian fandom is as big as the whole English speaking one, if not bigger. Get to know the tastes of another half of the world. (The article was written in 2003, since then the fandom changed quite a bit.)

by Labingi

Novel review: | Volume 1 | Volume 2 | Volume 3 | Volume 4 | Volume 5 | Volume 6

A review of the official English translation of Ai no Kusabi. Reflections on the quality of translation, style, storyline, etc.

by Shayne

Shayne's Amoi

Although it isn't quite clear at first, Shayne's fics are AU. The article gives some background on her version of AnK, explaining its whys and wherefores. The main purpose of this text is to clear things up for the readers of Shayne's fics. But it is also good for all those who want to find out more about the canon – as explaining the differences between her AU and the classic AnK Shayne in fact shows what in AnK is canon. Some of her background ideas fit the classic AnK as well, so it can be also considered as building up the canonic universe.