A few notes:

What made me draw this pic? It bothered me that the series lacked its two most important characters. And since I had an idea for Iason, I drew him.

The pic cost me a lot of effort – first it was to make the style of the drawing correspond with the original pics, second – it was coloring. I had no clue as to what means were used to color the series. What you see on the pic is the joint effect of marker and Photoshop coloring. Luckily, it looks more or less the way I wanted.

The last and perhaps the most serious difficulty were Japanese writings. I don't know Japanese, at all. So here I really needed help. Japanese writings on this pic are the shared work of two people. First Mathia translated the texts from original JSF to give me an idea what they were about. Then I wrote a few lines about Iason in the same manner (banter, trivial, funny things) and gave them to WhiteMist who translated them into Japanese, wrote them down by hand and made the scans. Many thanks to both of you!

So all in all – the pic was a pain in the ass, but I think it was worth it.