by Juxian Tang


Pairings, characters: Raoul/Katze, Guy, Killie
Rating: NC-17
Status: Long oneshot
Notes: Action, romance, angst, violence, NCS
Timing: Set after the end of the novel/anime.
Summary: Riki and Iason are dead; the others try to get on with their lives...

Force Majeur

Pairings, characters: Raoul/Katze
Rating: NC-17
Timing: Post OVA
Status: Multipart, complete
Genre: Action, romance, angst, violence, NCS (non-graphic)
Notes: Translated from Russian by Juxian, Anna Rain and Lena.
Summary: For many years Katze tried not to get involved in anything that could threaten his future. And when he finally gets involved, it turns out that it can change all his life.

Website: Juxian Tang's Fiction