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There are some corresponding pictures in various versions of AnK, as it is an anime or a novel. Katsumi Michihara tends to relate to his(her) own pics from the past, Saichi Nagato relates some of his(her) pics to Michihara's arts, and some of the images from the anime seem to take from the novel (the old version, naturally). Let's have a look at it, just for fun.

Michihara vs. Nagato

Michihara   Nagato
Blondie's possession
Three mongrels
Unfortunate beginning
Furniture on the furniture
Riki's rage
Two Blondies
Father and son
Friends on a walk
Last kiss

Michihara vs. Michihara

 1986-87  2001-07
Punishment from chapter 1
Guy (has grown his hair)
Iason at Mistral
Pestered by his master
Friends on a walk

Novel vs. Anime

  Novel   Anime
Unfortunate beginning
Girl pet
Iason at Mistral
I've come to fetch you...
Riki in the rain
Not enough yet...
Dana Bahn (has grown)
The Blondie getting all soppy
A moment of happiness
Last kiss