Ai no Kusabi (Wedge of Love, The Space Between) is considered a yaoi classic and for good reason. It combines a good plot, action, science fiction, shonen ai, and some really serious angst. It is also one of the most explicit yaoi pieces there is.

It first started as a novel written by Rieko Yoshihara. The story ran as series on a famous Japanese shounen ai magazine Shousetsu June. Since then there were a few reprints. The novel was lately translated into English.

In 1993 Ai no Kusabi was made into CD voice drama – Dark Erogenous. The drama isn't an adaptation of the story from the novel. Instead it covers the period that in the novel is only briefly described.

And finally Ai no Kusabi was turned into the anime (vol. 1 – 1992; vol. 2 – 1994) and this time it was an adaptation. The remake of the anime is due to be released in spring 2010 as a series of 13 episodes.

More about the novel, CD drama and the anime in their separate sections.

Making this site I first of all wanted to tell the story of Ai no Kusabi – as it was in the novel, in the CD drama and in the anime. I wanted to show in which points the stories from the anime and from the novel are similar and in which they differ. Thus as its main part the site contains:

– detailed novel synopsis,
– anime script,
– translation of the CD drama.

What you won't find here are separate crib sheets on places, characters, terminology, and so on. All this info, however, is included in the scripts, synopsis and articles. To find it, you will have to read those texts, and of course – that's the point.

The story wouldn't be the same without prequels, sequels and side stories written by the fans. Some of the authors are really talented. So make sure you visit fandom sections, while exploring the site. ;-)