Ai no Kusabi official site – Japanese site of the new anime.

Ai no Kusabi – novel translation – fan translation of the novel (the hard-cover book version) into English. Not complete yet, but let's hope it will progress.

Ai no Kusabi Remake – a very interesting site focused mainly to the new version of the anime, but not only. You will find there translations from the blog entries on the Japanese official site and regular info on the progress of the production. Also, the author took up the novel translation from chapter 5!

Just a Blondie... – a LiveJournal Community dedicated to Ai no Kusabi. Lots of news and info about the anime and novel (and not delayed, like on my site). Also: fanarts, fanfics, scans, reviews, fans' discussions, etc. If you want to meet other AnK fans and be up-to-date with what happens in the fandom, you should definitely visit this community.

Ai no Kusabi Universe – a front page of two Russian sites, actually. Annals of AnK World is the biggest Russian AnK archive with the huge fanfic and fanart sections, among other things. Ai no Kusabi Manga World contains mostly official info and has very interesting image galleries. Even if you don't know Russian, these sites are worth to look at – at least to see how popular this fandom is there.

Ai no Kusabi society on DeviantArt – DeviantArt fanclub dedicated to AnK.

Dark Erogenous – original Dark Erogenous tracks for download.

Metallic City Tanagura – an AnK site focused specifically on roleplaying, but there is also other fan stuff, like fanfics, fanarts, info (btw, the RPG AnK universe is slightly different from the canonic one). If you are a RPG player and AnK fan, that's the place for you.