The animated adaptation of the story consists of two one-hour videos:

Vol. 1 – Release date: August, 1992; Director: Nishimori Akira
Vol. 2 – Release date: May, 1994; Director: Akiyama Katsuhito

Character design: Onda Noyuki

The anime has not yet been dubbed into English. It was fansubbed by The Lupin Gang who also put a nice intro at the beginning of the first part, detailing some background information so that the viewers weren't confused.

There will be a remake of the anime. The release is planned for spring 2010. It will run as a series of 13 episodes. Akiyama Katsuhito and Onda Noyuki come back as a director and character designer. More info | Official japanese site

Below, you will find the scripts of the OVAs, made of the original Jimaku Animation scripts. I removed the time frames and added the descriptions of what happens. So that in effect it looks a bit like a story written in the present tense. There is also Lupin Gang's intro at the beginning – just as it was in the anime. I changed it a bit, correcting a few factual errors it contained.

I changed Killie's name back into Kirie – like it was in the novel, because I wanted to hold on to one version.

There are some sequences in the anime involving two different planes of events, like flashbacks, or the ones where the spoken lines and pictures come from different scenes. In such cases I used italic to mark the second plane.

Usually the narration parts are placed in separate lines. Sometimes however characters did things while speaking. In such cases it was more convenient to place comments about their actions in the middle of the spoken line. I put those comments into brackets so that they didn't mix with the spoken parts.