Dark Erogenous

translation by Croik

Track 1

(In Iason's private room, Riki grows impatient)

*cue dramatic music*

Riki: So this is Tanagura. It's so enormous. Midas seems so small in comparison. I guess that's what they mean by "there's always something higher up." Then what are we mongrels, who live by wasting our time day after day in the slums, unable to even lick Midas's boots? No better than the steam coming off of Eos's Palace Tower's trash heap. But still...having crawled out of the slums...aren't I like a clown?


Riki: That Bastard! How long does he intend to keep me locked up here!

Track 2

(Screen Room – Iason and Raoul)


Riki: Why won't anyone come!? Shit!

Iason: *chuckles* So even the slum mongrel who knows no fear has run out of patience. Purely dark hair. Black eyes which have never accepted praise. The pleasing sway of his body. Riki the Dark, is it? Seems like he won't be boring me any time soon.

*door opens and closes*

Raoul: Hey, Iason. Are you serious?

Iason: About what, Raoul?

Raoul: I'm asking if you seriously intend to buy that piece of foul trash. An elite's pet is supposed to be an accessory. Buy one from the Academy's top class. As blondie, it's obviously your duty.

Iason: It's just my taste in pets, don't you think? ???2, casual sexual obsession... More importantly, I've lost interest in brainless pet that walk about with only their pride. Besides, don't you think it's more fun to try buying an odd hair-colored you couldn't get even at the Academy?

Raoul: Even so, that doesn't mean you have to choose to take the lowest trash you can get your hands on. A male from the slums without any Control [system] put on him...it'll only cause trouble.

Iason: Don't you think it's more interesting because he's in his prime with no Control or Imprinting? Rude...vulgar...foul.... More importantly, a pure male(??1) who's never known praise. Surely they're selling him because he can't be thought to have any education.

Raoul: If you take a pet like that, you'll be the laughing stock of Eos. The name of Iason Mink will weep.

Iason: *chuckles* "I'm looking forward to the show".... Isn't that what I what I should be saying?

*cue music*

Raoul: Hm. So that means you won't listen. Very well. If you say so, I'll just have to have the honor of watching over you. But Iason, what will you do if he ends up not being usable as a pet?

Iason: That's true. If that happens, I'll play with his head a little, turn him into a sex doll who'll listen to orders, and give him to those short-tempered hard heads. Even if he can't be a pet for Iason Mink, he can at least be that useful, don't you think?

Track 3

(One month later, in Iason's private room, Riki makes things difficult for Daryl)

*glass shatters*

Riki: Shut up! Back off!

Daryl, Iason's furniture: But Sir Riki, this is an order from our master.

Riki: Like that matters! Is a mongrel from the slums really that rare? Stop crawling all over me!!

Daryl: It's my job to look after your welfare, Sir Riki. It's what our master has decided. Here in Eos, our master's words alone are absolute. You don't understand that.

Riki: I do get it. Me, you, him, everyone – we're all shit!

Daryl: No. Sir Riki, you still don't understand how terrifying He can be.

*door opens*

Daryl: Welcome home.

*door closes*

Iason: He'll be participating in the Great Ward(?) on the 21st. I'll pick him up ten minutes before then. In the meantime, rest awhile. Make sure we're left in privacy.

Daryl: I understand. I'll call in three minutes.

*door opens*

Daryl: Excuse me.

*door closes*

*Iason walks inside and sits down*

Iason: Like usual, you seem to be burning everyone's hands, Riki. It's been almost month now. I thought you'd have become a bit more serious by now, but it seems I've only taken off the first layer of your surface.

Riki: I wipe my own ass. I have no intention of changing my way of doing things now.

Iason: I should have suspected no less from the leader of Bison. *chuckle* I suppose that means signboards in the slums didn't ??. However, it's hardly uncertain that you can't become a full pet like this.

Riki: So why don't you buy someone else? The blondies of Tanagura have a lot trash to pick and choose from.

Iason: There's no point in saying that now, since the rumors have already become clear. Once I've made you a suitable pet for a blondie, I'll show you off at the party.

Riki: !!

Iason: Come here, Riki.

*cue music*

Iason: I told you before not to make me repeat myself.

Riki: Grr.

Iason: Sit. No, on my lap. *chuckle* What? What are you afraid of? If you don't want to do it on your own, I'll call Daryl.

Riki: You shithead.

Iason: I've heard that slum mongrels have not one shred of morality – am I wrong? What happened to all that influence you used in inviting me along [when we met]? Have you started over as an innocent virgin? Don't think I'll always be this gentle.

Riki: Hey, I'm not an exhibitionist nor a nymphomaniac.

Iason: It's common knowledge that a pet's pairing belongs in the public eye.

Riki: Heh. Are all you great elites a group of perverts!?

Iason: The party is in two months. Until then I'll have to teach you some manners.

Riki: What a laugh. Slum mongrels are all- *gasp* -vulgar...foul...apes....

Iason: *whispering* Even a rude, fundamentally sinful ape must have some good points. I'm going to find out for myself. *Riki gasps* When I show you at the Party, I don't want to be shamed. You are my, Iason Mink's, pet, Riki. Perhaps I'll have your body remember that.

Help section!!

???2 "Iwabe wa junjun da ga..." If I could only figure out what "iwabe" is... Back

(??1) "Kissui nosu." Kissui is pure, but a pure what I couldn't catch.

For all you Kusabi fans I risked my reputation as respectable Japanese student by bringing part of the drama in to my Professor *laugh*. Thankfully she didn't catch on to the subject matter. (??1) is "kissui no osu", which means, "a pure male". At least, that's what we came up with. Me and two of my professors were huddled around her computer trying to figure out that line, and in the end decided it couldn't be anything but "osu". Even native Japanese speakers have trouble understanding Iason's whispering! Now I don't feel bad about missing it the first time. ^_~ Back

(?) Iason should also work on his English. It's "Great something", like "ward" or "war" or something similar. Back

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