Dark Erogenous

translation by Croik

Track 4

(In Iason's Workroom, Iason and Raoul)

*dark music*

Iason: Kiira in A-C Troy suffered a 50% loss last month. That's unusual.

Raoul: There's no helping it. The lab there was half destroyed by a biohazard. It was such an obvious, foolish mistake. Using a biotron of that class was a big waste of time.

Iason: *typing* Well then, in the meantime, I'll let the lab near Rasshi take care of it. With Ringa there it should be all right within a month.

Raoul: You're severe as always, Iason. You might as well tell Ringa not to sleep.

Iason: Like with Kiira, there's no point talking to fools. That's all.

Raoul: So, who are you going to send to do something so pathetic?

[Croik note: I really have no idea what they're talking about :P]

Iason: I'll have Katze go.

Raoul: That old furniture? That's another bold decision of yours.

Iason: Raoul. When I see someone with talent I make it a point not to concern myself with whatever their background might be. Whether it be one of your experiments or a slum mongrel, I'll use whoever I can as long as I can. Hm. I'm only saying that brainless, ordinary grunts with only their pride and no abilities are unnecessary in the market.

Raoul: Don't misunderstand me. I have no intention of challenging your way of doing things. There's no one else here in Tanagura who can keep the market as perfectly organized as you. Only, it's not quite favorable that you have to involve Eos in it as well.

Iason: That's why I said I'm sick of fools.

Raoul: A pet is nothing more than an accessory to watch and enjoy. Whether it be an empty-headed nymphomaniac, or some pervert interested in little boys, for the master all that matters is if they're consistent.

Iason: That's a difference of opinion, Raoul.

Raoul: Then why won't you show him at the Parties?

Iason: I will, someday. After all he's a vulgar, disgusting slum mongrel. It'll take time to make him act like a pet.

Raoul: Iason. What are you scheming?

Iason: Isn't Kyle's new pet from the Stella Quota?

Raoul: Yes. If it takes them three times as long at the auction it's considered proud. With the Stella Family in charge, a strict policy of sterility, and a quota on breeding, there's a very low rate of reproduction. In the end, it's an effective limitation. Though it isn't exactly normal for them to be so prideful. *pauses* Not that I think you would, but are you planning on sicking him on Kyle's pet?

Iason: If you mean Riki, in a round about way he is devastatingly (??1). Though it may seem that way, he was arguably a gang leader back in the slums. I think it might be interesting to set a wolf with real fangs in among the domesticated. It might not be bad to evaluate the Quota he's so proud of, either.

Roaul: Are you saying that slum trash can stand up to Stella's Quota?

Iason: The livelier a party is, the more interesting, right?

[I assume the "Stella Quota" is something better explained in the novel. It probably has something to do with the Academy. Sorry that this track is kind of rough translation wise, I don't know much about the dealings in the black market, and the CD script didn't give me any hints :P]

Track 5

(Three Months Later/A Showing Party in the Eos Social Hall/Enif hangs around the lone, wandering Riki/Mimea)

*people talking and laughing, with music in the background*

Girl Pet 1: There. That dark-haired one next to Sir Iason. That smart-ass looking guy's the slum mongrel, for sure.

Girl Pet 2: What's with him? He's not pretty at all. I can't accept that someone so tasteless could be a blondie's pet. Right, Mimea?

Mimea, Raoul's pet: But he has such a striking appearance. However you look at him, you can tell instantly.

Girl Pet 2: Of course you can, he's a slum mongrel.

Mimea: I don't mean that. How can I say it?

Girl Pet 1: Uh, he's coming this way.

Riki: Can...I sit here? *no one answers* Hmph. All perched so high. Now you're all ignoring me?

Enif: Hey, you.

Riki: Hm. A pet of that gaudy bastard from earlier.

Enif: What do you mean, bastard? Sir Kyle is a great man. Watch your mouth.

Riki: You have some business with me?

Enif: Heh. Can't you tell by looking? That's a special table. I'm sure you'll stink like the slums up there. Slink back to the corner like a good mongrel!

Riki: Stop yelping, ya noisy bastard. Aren't you talking to the wrong person? If you wanna show your face off so badly why don't you go lick the asses of those guys lounging over there?

Enif: Do you, mere slum trash, intend to pick a fight with me!?

Riki: I don't mind letting you win. Wouldn't want to dirty that pretty face of yours.

Enif: What? *slap!*

*people in the background mumbling, "Not bad" and "Go for it!"*

Riki: Hmm. That didn't hurt at all. You're supposed to fight...like this! *punch!* *music stops*

*Enif smashes into a table, breaking glasses. People in the background mumble "amazing!"*

Enif: Blood... Ow, it hurts! M-M-My face! Sir Kyle!

Kyle: Enif! Iason, how do you intend to take care of this?

Iason: It was your pet that provoked and rose his hand against him first, Kyle. Isn't it obvious that whoever begins a fight is the guilty one? So if his teeth end up broken or whatever you can only say it's self-inflicted.

Kyle: But still, there's a matter of the degree.

Iason: I think the mouth of your prized pet was harsh enough to deserve it. Forgetting that he started it, even without the matter of force he still touched my pet. You paid a lot of money to get him, didn't you? Before you have them interact with other people's pets maybe you should teach them how "the mouth is the root of all troubles."

Kyle: Grr. *dramatic fanfare*

*new music to end scene*

Track 6

(6 Months Later/Iason's Private Room/Riki learns about pet rings from Daryl/Iason's "Finishing Touch")


Riki: Daryl! What's going on? After showing myself off at the Parties I should be able to go to the saloon or the playroom, right? That's what you said! So why isn't this door opening? Shit! *boom boom boom*

Daryl: I believe it's because you don't have a pet ring on yet.

Riki: Pet...ring?

Daryl: Yes. A ring with your registration number. Without being able to show that you have one, you can't step out of this room.

Riki: Do all the pets wear one?

Daryl: Necklaces, earrings, bracelets – the type of ring varies, all those with registration always wear them. Here in Eos it's the only form of identification.

Riki: So if I have a ring, I can go anywhere?

Daryl: No. It's the master's decision.

*door opens*

Daryl: Ah, welcome home.

Iason: Daryl. Go sit until I call you.

Daryl: Yes. Excuse me.

*door closes*

Iason: You look like you have something to say, Riki.

Riki: How long did you plan on keeping me locked up in here?

Iason: Until I'm done.

Riki: *laughing* Well said. If I went wandering off to a bar, I couldn't be a prized pet for a blondie, could I? Even you should have understood after the last Party.

Iason: A party is for entertainment, even if it's just a brute fight. I wasn't expecting a slum mongrel to behave gently or with manners. Anyway, I'm satisfied that you've been shown off somewhat as a pet. You're now my pet in name and reality, Riki.

Riki: In that case, give me that "pet ring" thing already.

Iason: Oh? So now you want to chain us together yourself. What amazing progress.

Riki: I don't mean that. I'm saying if I have to stay locked up in this room all day I'm gonna get depressed. Even if it seems sneaky, if I put a pet ring on I'll at least by able to walk around freely, right? So whip it out already!

Iason: So when you have no other choice, you'll do even that much, is it? *deep breath* I see. Mongrels are indeed stubborn. Very well. If you want a pet ring, I'll give you one.

*cue music*

Riki: Wh...what?

Iason: Come here *spank*

Riki: That hurt! Leggo! Let me go! I told you I'm not a toy! Do you get that?

Iason: Take off your clothes and lie on the bed.

Riki: Surprising me like that. If that's what you wanted, you should have said so from the beginning. Shithead. *gasp*

Iason: *hm* What's wrong? Why are you so surprised?

Riki: Why...are you...?

Iason: It just means I'm going to take my own pet. There's nothing wrong with that, is there? *drops to the bed* It's just my own finishing touch. Show me, Riki. What it means to be a pet.

Riki: Hey, wai– *is cut off by what sounds like a kiss, followed by...Riki "showing him"*


*fade to end scene*

Help Section!!

(??1) "...nennoita yami." I think the "nennoita" is actually a verb ending in ku, but other than that...I dunno. ^^ Back

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