Dark Erogenous

translation by Croik

Track 7

(Bedside / Z107M=Pet Ring / Riki is made fun of)


Riki: What is this?

Iason: Z107M – the pet ring you wanted.

Riki: This...? Quit joking – Daryl said a pet ring is like a necklace or something–

Iason: That's something which adheres obediently to the master's will. For a slum mongrel who won't stop rebelling, I think it's the most fitting.

Riki: Don't fuck with me! Take this off, damnit!

Iason: *chuckles* It's no use. That will never come off. I'm the only one who can remove it without hurting you.

Riki: *growling in frustration* Fucking take it off!

Iason: Why don't you calm down, Riki? You'll only hurt yourself.

Riki: Damnit! Talking big like that... Take this off!

*the ring reacts – Riki cries out*

Iason: D-type rings can also be used like that. Don't forget, Riki. As long as that pet ring bites into your flesh no matter where you go you are still in my hands. *a breath* There's also a tracer left in it. A mongrel should just be a mongrel. However, if you happen to abuse your new rights, I can lock you up like this at any time. Do you understand? Just like that, slowly stretch out your legs. *whispering* More. Yes. You're a good boy...

*heart beats*

Riki: *breathing heavily* Sto.... Please...loosen...the ring... *gasping* Please...let me go already....

*I think you know what's going on ^^;;*

Track 8

(The Saloon / The pets spread rumors about Riki and Iason / Mimea is charmed by Riki)

*cue music and laughing*

Female Pet 1: Look at that mongrel. He's got a kiss mark [hickey] there again. I wonder if it's true that he's being taken by Sir Iason.

Female Pet 2: Of course he is. Even though it's been over a year he hasn't shown his face at one of the Free Parties even once! Though everyone knows the Academy Virgins don't get any practice before they pair for breeding, he hasn't been connected to anyone yet. It's not normal. And he's the only one who hasn't had a formal pairing.

Female Pet 1: There isn't anyone weird enough to want to pair with a slum mongrel.

Female Pet 2: I wouldn't say that. They say Iason's just keeping him crushed in his hand.

Female Pet 1: Ooh. Huh? Mimea! When did you...? Mimea?

Female Pet 2: What is it, Mimea? You're spacing out.

Mimea: It's a fight.

*in the background, a fight breaks out between Riki and some male pets*

Female Pet 1: Huh? Ah, it's him again.

Female Pet 2: Well he is a slum mongrel. There's no helping it. *fight continues* Let's leave before we get involved.

Female Pet 1: Yeah, you're right. Mimea, let's go. Mimea?

Mimea: Go on ahead. I'm going to stay behind a while longer.

Female Pet 1: Huh?

Mimea: I want to keep watching him fight.

Track 9

(Pirate Room / After the fight Daryl takes care of Riki's wounds)

*door opens and closes*

Daryl: Welcome back. S...Sir Riki! Those wounds on your face!

Riki: It's nothing. Leave me alone.

Daryl: Please wait, Sir Riki. Sir Riki–

Riki: Shut up! I said it's nothing!

Daryl: Even a small wound that seems like nothing can be a danger to your life. I can't leave you untreated. The management of your health is my responsibility. You're not the one that'll be punished for it later – I will.

Riki: Heh. Oh yeah. You're the one that makes the food, and picks the clothes, too. You're also the one who cleans me up after Iason's had me, the one who puts medicine on my cut up ass. I can't do anything for myself!

Daryl: That's the job of a furniture. Now please, let me better see the wounds on your face.

*Riki winces*

Daryl: Are you all right?

*short silence*

Riki: Daryl.

Daryl: Yes?

Riki: They said elites don't usually take their pets...is that true? Do they really just watch and enjoy?

Daryl: That is what I've heard.

Riki: So then...why does he take me? Why is he always...so...

*door opens*

Iason: It seems like you had another spectacular fight at the Saloon. How are your wounds? Looks like they won't leave any scars. So? Are you going out to the Saloon again tomorrow?

Riki: As if I'm going to stay closed up in this boring place all day. A slum mongrel doesn't go down so easily. When we're hit we pay it back it twice over. That's common sense. As if I'd just back off after being mocked.

Iason: If you wish. The Saloon is the only place in which pets can behave freely without being bound by shackles. It's more or less convenient. But understand, Riki. Don't overdo it. Scandals that may leak to the outside are prohibited. Whether you started it our not, ???1. I won't hear any excuses. Don't forget that.

*cue music*

Help section!!

This one went pretty well, except for Iason and his damn mumbling at the end. XP

???1 "...soko de irikinshi ni utsuru." Irikinshi, anyone? I'm stumped. Back

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