Dark Erogenous

translation by Croik

Track 10

(A small room near the Saloon / Mimea's temptation)

Mimea: Riki, this way! Hurry!

Riki: Wait, Mimea. Where are we going?

Mimea: This way! Right here.

*door opens and closes*

Riki: What...is this room?

Mimea: It's my secret place. *giggle*

Riki: Hmm.

Mimea: I'm glad. I was worried that because you'd been injured, they wouldn't let you out anymore.

Riki: Why's that?

Mimea: Well because Iason really looks after you, right? So–

Riki: It's not like that!

Mimea: You're the only one...who always remains beautiful.

*cue piano music*

Mimea: The parties are fun, but if you're approached you have to put up with whatever unlikable person it is. As long as your master doesn't say no. It really is sad. So I'm a little jealous. Until you came everyone was like that, even if they didn't realize. To think that a pet could look after itself... So I can kind of understand why Lusa and Stee would see you, having been taken from the slums, as an enemy.

Riki: What happened to them?

Mimea: Lusa's still here. But not Stee. I guess yesterday was his last day after all.

Riki: So he was sold off to a Midas male brothel.

Mimea: Because he was bred pure from the Shiruru Family, he had a lot of confidence in himself, you know? He thought that even if he was separated from Sir Aisha, he'd be able to (1??). Because of that he didn't even take the hormone survey. As long as he had (1??), he could become registered, and have the right to join the Academy.

Riki: He was...seventeen, wasn't he? But he's only ever done it with women, right? I'm sure that place must be hell for him. But...1???

Mimea: You're right.

Riki: But is it all right for you to be here with me, Mimea? Your master really doesn't like me. Wouldn't it be bad for you if he found out about this?

Mimea: It's all right. No one tells on each other. You'd get lynched for it. And besides...I like you.

Riki: As someone who came from the Academy, you're pretty strange.

Mimea: Hey...kiss me.

Riki: Hm?

Mimea: Kiss me....

*music continues*

Track 11

(Vilas – Billards – Hall / Raoul worries about Iason's attachment)

*sound of pool balls striking*

Raoul: Did you know there are some unsettling rumors spreading among the pets recently, Iason?

Iason: No.

*balls striking*

Raoul: It seems your Z107M and my Mimea have been suspicious. *balls strike again* It's unusual for you to miss one. Or is it that even you can have your skill disturbed by unexpected news like that.

Iason: And...?

Raoul: Looking as if he's caught a demon's head, Kyle's been whispering. *balls striking* I've been thinking recently about pairing Mimea. With a pedigree, of course. I don't want to attract any useless bugs. As you know, Mimea is of an improved line that I bred myself.

*balls striking*

Iason: Are you trying to tell me to keep Riki locked in his room?

Raoul: I'm not. Show him at a Free Party. Because it's been over year since you first showed his face and haven't once shown him at a Free Party, you'll only make yourself a target for unsavory rumors. *deep breath* If you're going to say you find those moronic sex-freaks tiresome, I won't try to force you into excessive pairings. But show him at a Free Party. Show him, and have him take a female. Or if not a female, a male is fine.

*balls striking*

Raoul: Since he's come the pets have changed, and he's been having an affect on everyone.

So if you make him pair with a male it'll put an end to the rumors. In the meantime, make him pair with another pet. At least then the criticism surrounding you would fade a little.

Iason: No. I have no intention of showing Riki at a Free Party.

Raoul: Iason!

Iason: If you're worried about the gossip I'll leave him in his room for a while. Is that all right?

Raoul: What do you plan to accomplish by locking him away? You're the one that said he's a male in his prime with no Control or Imprinting on him. He's a troublemaker. Just by keeping him in there you won't change the minds of the pets – no, not just the pets. There are even the rumors spreading with great interest among the elites. If he's a pet, use him as a pet. Don't leave him to his own any longer!

*balls striking* *Raoul cringes*

Iason: I understand what you're saying. However...I have no intention of showing him at a Party now.

*sound of balls striking echoes to close*

Track 12

(Shower Room / Riki is swayed toward Mimea's path / Determination on which a mongrel's pride is pet)

*sound of shower running*

Riki: Shit. Even taking a shower yesterday's saké won't come off.

Flashback of Mimea: I like you...Riki...

Riki: Mimea. Why? We don't fit together.

Flashback of Mimea: I like you...Riki... It's fun, being with you. Riki, I love you.

Riki: No! You're just dreaming! You and I don't have any freedom for ourselves!

Flashback of Mimea: You know, pretty soon my partner is going to be decided. Once the pairing has been set I won't be able to see you freely anymore. I don't want that. I don't want that! You see? So please...! Riki!

Riki: What kind of stupidity am I thinking? If I take Mimea, I won't be able to turn back. He'll discover something like that. And it won't end easily for Mimea or me. We'll be sent off to Midas...or worse, disposed of. But...but if I do it, what face would he make?

*music rises*

Riki: If I take Mimea, he'll be the laughing stock of Eos, right? That's right. *chuckles, but weakly* Wouldn't it be a laugh? That's right. I don't have anything to lose. So it's not like I have anything to be afraid of. *starts to sound desperate* As long as this ring bites into my flesh, the head of Bison is nothing more than a pet. *chuckles brokenly* Isn't it a laugh?

Help section!!

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1??? Riki just talks way too fast in this part. *_* Back

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