Dark Erogenous

translation by Croik

Track 13

(Inside an Aircar / Iason's monolgue)

*sound of a car passing, and rain*

Iason: Rain...?

Flashback of Raoul: Show him at a free party. Show him, and have him take a female.

*as Iason speaks, rain fades and is replaced by music*

Iason: You don't understand, Raoul. Beside I myself don't understand how I can be so attached to that mongrel. In my mind I know it's foolish, but even so I cannot cut loose from him. How pathetic for blondie of Tanagura.

Flashback of Raoul: It seems your Z107M and my Mimea have been suspicious.

Iason: I thought that recently he'd been very obedient in letting me take him, but I never thought it'd be something like this. Mimea, is it? Riki. What will you do? Keep walking as time passes until you're finished as my pet? Or accept destruction and bear your fangs? And... *deep breath* ...which of those do I desire? Raoul. I'm sorry, but I'll be using Mimea as my stepping stone. I want to know what Riki's thinking and what he'll do...as well as how those things forged in my mind will change.

Track 14

(Saloon / Having detected her connection to Riki, the pets worry about Mimea)

*cue loud dance music*

Pet 1: Hey, have you heard? Seems he and Mimea finally did it.

Pet 2: Oh, I know. And there's also a rumor that Raoul complained to Iason. Mimea's really an idiot. Of all things, to choose that slum mongrel.

Pet 1: Enif's the idiot. No matter how much he hated Riki, tattling on him like that. He's gonna get lynched for sure.

Pet 2: But still, I wonder what will happen...to Mimea and Riki...

Track 15

(Iason's Bedroom / Riki's Punishment / His "Date by Screen" / Iason's dark jealous)

*Riki cries out as the ring reacts*

Riki: Damnit... *breathing hard* ...the ring...shit!

Iason: Well? Does that answer you a little?

Riki: *crying* Please, stop...!

Iason: You're not listening. You touched Mimea knowing she had a man picked out for her, didn't you? Raoul came snarling to me that you've spoiled everything for him. This is an obvious punishment.

Riki: *is being punished*

Iason: Don't tell me you thought you could just take Mimea on a whim.

*computer screen flicks on*

Mimea: It wasn't a game!

Riki: Mimea...?

Iason: So you didn't hear when I said I'd let you see her. Think of it as a "date by screen."

Mimea: Riki!

Iason: They often say that love is blind. *deep breath* Seems that you pets don't understand you have no right to choose for yourselves. So, Riki. You're going to let her hear it clearly from your own mouth. It didn't have to be Mimea. You were only interested in a woman's body. It could have been anyone as long as they cooled your lust. Isn't that right?

Mimea: That's a lie! It's a lie! Hey, Riki, it's a lie, right? Everyone's just trying to push us apart. Do you know who Sir Raoul chose for me? Jena! He says it's because his lineage is good. I can't stand it. Not that sex freak who has nothing but his looks. When I think about sleeping with him and having his child, it makes me ill. You're different than the others, right? You love only me, right? Riki.... Why are you quiet? Say something! Riki...Riki, why? You coward! Riki!

*screen shuts off*

*Riki grrrs*

Iason: Now you've learned from this experience, haven't you? *cue low music* Though, you knew it would end this way from the beginning, I'm sure. Even so, did you love her? Did you want to take Mimea, even knowing you'd be burned? She's a fine woman you wouldn't find in the slums where free sex among men is most common. Did her invitations cloud your eyes? Or...did you only want to soil my reputation? Though I don't think you'd dare tell me that now.

*Riki groans*

Iason: You want me to let you come?

Riki: *breathing heavily* Please...loosen...the ring....

*sounds of sheets rustling, and Riki cries out*

Iason: Don't tell me you thought it end with such a slim punishment like that.

Riki: *still breathing heavily* Mimea and I... only did it once...!

Iason: One time or a hundred times is the same to me. You took Mimea. That's more than enough.

*Riki groans some more*

Iason: You...liked being touched here the most, didn't you? What's wrong? Don't start pretending for me now. How about crying out honestly for me?

*Riki does so*

Iason: That's it. Just like that.

Riki: I won't...anymore... I won't...do it again, so...so please, let me be...!

Iason: *lowly* I'll let you come. However many times it takes until you fully regret having taken Mimea. *Riki groans* You are my pet. I will drive that fact into the marrow of your bones!

*Riki...yeah, Iason does a number on him @_@*

Track 16

(3 years later / A private room / While working at his console, Daryl is entwined with Riki / Iason's Monologue / Scars of the shackled kindred spirits)

*sounds of typing*

Riki: *sounding drunk* So you're pretty good at this, Daryl.

Daryl: Sir Riki, you should drink saké more sparingly.

Riki: Can you access anything on that tiny thing?

Daryl: You mean this computer?

*random computer sounds*

Daryl: To us, furniture, this is like a part of us.

Riki: So you can control anything with that? Can anyone do it?

Daryl: ...No. This computer is for the exclusive use of registered furniture, so only I can use it.

Riki: Don't make such a scary face. I'm just asking, you know. (1??)

Daryl: A while ago I saw you near Eos's exit. Are you able to go there often?

Riki: Eh?

Daryl: That area is off limits.

Riki: *smirk* I know. *takes a drink* A pet's screw-up is the master's shame. Isn't that the furniture's responsibility? Even I know how to learn from experience. Not that that bastard Iason seems to trust me at all. *another drink* He's got me so tied down I can't stand on my own legs. And even when I sit still he just asks, "What are you scheming this time?" and I'm in trouble again.

Daryl: That's....

Riki: Don't worry about it, I'm just complaining. Sometimes you just gotta puke up all the shit that sticks to your gut. Even if I went to the Saloon I'm just an enemy to them. You're the only one I can let out to. Sorry.

Daryl: No, it's all right if you're satisfied.

Riki: *drinks again* Daryl. Do you know what kind of place the slums are?

Daryl: Ah....

Riki: Of course you wouldn't know. You were probably another brought up in some Center Ceres. Us, mongrels, we're raised in a child-rearing center when we're kids. Wherever you go there are brats everywhere. They're whining and crying all over. And since the guys are useless to them, as soon as you're 13 you're kicked out. *more drinking*

Daryl: Sir Riki....

Riki: There's no~thing in the slums. Even if you are able to read it doesn't amount to shit. It's an awful place. But you know...hey. Why are you crying?

Daryl: It's nothing. I was just remembering the past. I'm sorry. Please excuse me. *he leaves*

*doors open and close*

Riki: Daryl... *cue piano music* *takes another drink, and sighs* Guy. What are you doing now? Are you dragging the rest of Bison along wildly like always? I've climbed up only to be a piece of shit on the heap. I'm a "great blondie's pet". Pathetic, isn't it? You'd laugh, right? *chuckles* Guy. We used to say the slums was the worst place to drift to. That you couldn't fall any lower. But we were wrong. This place...where I am now is the lowest dregs there are! *deep breath* There's nothing. I eat high class food, wear expensive clothes, sleep in a soft bed...but there isn't a~nything I have freely for myself. It's cold. Damnit. There isn't even a single person who'll speak honestly. In this huge place, I'm alone. Guy...it's so cold, I can't stand it. Guy...

*drops the bottle*

*door opens and closes, followed by footsteps*

Iason: Crying himself to sleep with a bottle of saké in his hand....

Riki: Guy...

Iason: Guy...? The man who was his pairing partner in the slums. Do you still hold such love for a hopeless, futureless slum drifter, Riki? Cared for three years in Eos, the life of a pet sunk deeply in your mind, can you still not forget your old comrade? *deep breath* However, I won't release you. You are mine. Even if it reduces me to a mere sexdroid.

[Croik note: I'm not sure...exactly what Iason is implying in that last line, but I'm certain that he's talking about himself. I know there are references in the anime implying that if Iason defies Jupiter his brain will be manipulated to wipe his memory (like what was done to Kilie), but I can't really imagine a blondie being used as a sex toy or pet, as the above kind of implies. *_* I'll keep my eye out for further references.]

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(1??) "Henkabun" or something. Riki slurs when he's drunk. :P Back

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