Dark Erogenous

translation by Croik

Track 17

(At the exit of Eos)

*sound of elevator stopping and opening*

Riki: I'm pretty ??, too. Beyond here is off limits. Daryl's gonna grumble at me again. Ah, I really wanna leave.... Damn, no matter how many times I try, it won't open!

*the door opens*

Riki: It opened...! *cue music* Can I leave...?

*more doors open*

Riki: I can leave...I can leave! *laughing*

*sirens sound*

Guards: Stop! Stop now!

*random scary sounds*

Track 18

(Iason's Screen Room)

Raoul: Did it do something wrong again?

Iason: You have good ears.

Raoul: What is it this time?

Iason: He shook off the security guards and left Eos.

Raoul: Another big show. After what happened with Mimea I thought he'd calm down, but he's as stubborn as always. The lively pride of a slum gang leader, is it?

Iason: Don't be sarcastic, Raoul. Why is it that whenever you talk about Riki you start speaking so bluntly?

Raoul: It's because I don't like it. When I see him dragging you around like this, it irritates me even more. You're going to capture him, of course?

Iason: Of course. There's no way he can escape. There is a tracer in the ring. But still, he stubbornly got as far as Plage. Should I not be surprised, or should I be shocked speechless...?

Raoul: You're sounding foolish, Iason. Who could be enjoying their pet having broken through the security system and leaving Eos? He should be severely punished.

Iason: Don't say that. Thanks to him, we can see the flaws in our Eos security system we prided as being perfect. Can't we think of it as a lucky break?

Raoul: You're the one that says a man having fallen can't easily right himself. My God, you seem to line up one problem after another. If a man were to hold grudges like you, then flauntingly betray their own logic, they would be singled out of Tanagura.

Iason: If it weren't like that, I wouldn't be able to command the black market, Raoul.

Raoul: To think that the hand of the market, a man feared as the Iceman, would be jerked around by a mere pet – and furthermore a slum mongrel – is unforgivable.

Iason: I have no intention of arguing with you about Riki now.

Raoul: But this time you can't be so leisurely. It's not just about the security of a mere pet, hacking into the system is a serious crime.

Iason: He's only a pet, there's no way he could hack the system through one of the terminals. If he could, I would have prepared a better way to keep him isolated.

Raoul: However...he could have had a furniture as an accomplice.

Iason: *long breath* I'll investigate that now.

Raoul: Don't go easy on him.

Iason: Who are you saying that to? I am not that naive.

*door opens and closes*

Daryl: Did you call me, Sir Iason?

Raoul: I spoke poorly, didn't I. Well, then.

*he leaves*

Iason: You know why you were called here, don't you, Daryl?

Daryl: Sir Riki is...?

Iason: He was caught in Plage. He's in a restraining room. He was too agitated for them to get their hands on him – they put him to sleep with drugs.

Daryl: He's not hurt, is he?

Iason: The security guards know (2??). So. Why did you decide to take on such a foolish accomplice?

Daryl: I did it by my own free will. Riki wasn't aware of anything.

Iason: If you said you were threatened and had no choice...your crime would be less.

Daryl: No. Hacking into the pet security system was only ever my doing. (3??)...I wasn't threatened. Sir Riki was the only one who was able to continue through that door. So I–

Iason: Are you trying to say you feel pity for a fellow slum mongrel? There's no way there could be impurities in the blood of a blondie's furniture. Hacking carries a heavy punishment. You couldn't have not know that. So why?

Daryl: Master, have you realized? That lately Riki has become remarkably quiet. (4??) (5??) Riki says there's nothing wrong, but I wonder if that's true.

*cue music*

Daryl: I was brought here to Eos as a furniture from Guardian. So I don't know what the slum is like, or what kind of life Riki would have lived there. But I knew Sir Riki while in Guardian. No, not just me. Half the furniture here, even if they don't know his face, probably know the name of the black-eyed, black-haired Riki. Because he stood out and never submitted to anyone. For Sir Riki to have been chained as a pet, and still remain more of a slum mongrel than a pet, it must have been bitter...pitiful.... Even though it would have been much easier on him to fall, thinking that he hadn't changed from his former self made me so jealous my chest would quickly tighten. But more than that, I didn't want him to change. I wanted him to stay as he was, without submitting to anyone or anything. I didn't want to think that Sir Riki could become something other than himself. So I....

Iason: So you tested him. To see if he still had his pride as a mongrel, or if he'd degraded to being merely a pet. *snort of laughter* And for that alone you cast your position as a blondie's furniture away in the gutter? Are you saying that Riki was worth that much to you, Daryl?

Daryl: Here in Eos, a furniture is mere furniture. Aside from our masters, to the pets who live in the same rooms and are cared for like us, we're less than human. On a whim...in an act of passion...of violence...I think that's the reason the time of a furniture is so short. Sir Riki treated me like an equal person. Which is why maybe I began to think...if there was something I could do. This was my...gamble. Sir Riki with his own destiny...master with your pride as our owner.... Isn't it only natural that I should be everything I have?

*music fades*

Iason: So in the end, you're really a slum mongrel as well. So...are you satisfied?

Daryl: Yes. I'm proud that Sir Riki is still himself. I will accept any punishment.

Iason: *sighs* Katze, and you...I have the worst furniture. I knew that slum mongrels could sometimes do outrageous things, but it seems I was still somewhat naive. From now on, I'll have to choose more carefully.

Track 19


Iason: They got you pretty badly.

Riki: Don't touch me!

Iason: *hmph.* It's been a long time since you've made that face, Riki. Did going at it wildly with the security guards awaken the blood in you you'd forgotten?

Riki: Shut up! Stop all your nonsense talk and just do something already!

Iason: *chuckles* So you've already prepared. How admirable. Well then, maybe I'll have you experience some pain.

*the ring reacts – Riki groans*

Iason: Do you remember, Riki? As long as the ring bites your flesh, you have no where to run to. *deep breath* If you understand, why do you do such foolish things?

Riki: *groans, breathing heavily* Pets are...the worst kind of...trash! *cries out*

Iason: *sounding cross* Do you hate being a pet that much?

Riki: *still groaning etc* It makes me vomit!

Iason: *laughs* Speaking so proudly, aren't you. The ring has given you a taste of things other than pain, hasn't it? Am I wrong, Riki?

*cue music*

Iason: *Iason's voice lowers* Just by doing this, you become more obedient.

*Riki gasps*

Iason: You give up your arrogant back talking. Well? Or do you like this better?

*Riki gasps again*

Iason: Without using drugs or Muul, with just this loosen up. How can you say you're not a pet?

Riki: *whimpering* Damnit.... *breathing hard* Who would....

Iason: *whispering* Who is your master?

Riki: I...I don't...I don't belong to anyone! *gasping* I'll never belong to anyone!

*music rises*

Iason: Is that so. *long pause* In that case, as you wish I'll remove the ring.

*as the music abruptly stops, Riki gasps, and the ring comes off*

Iason: Now. Let's go.

Riki: Just send me off to a Midas Brothel or some black market peep show already! Whenever I'm sold off to has to be better than this.

*sounds of big door or something opening*

Track 20

(Outside the Slums)

*the sound of an aircar, followed by a door opening*

Iason: Get out.

Riki: This...is the edge of the slums.

Iason: What are you surprised for? Would you prefer a Midas Brothel?

Riki: Are you trying to make a bad joke? Iason...what are you scheming?

Iason: You can go back to the slum you were born in.

Riki: I can really...go back? Just like this?

Iason: I removed the pet ring. Go. Before I change my mind.

Riki: I can go back. I can go back – I'm not dreaming! The wind of the slums...the slums' smell.... There's nothing binding me anymore. I'm...free! I'm really...free!

*As the AnK theme starts playing, Riki leaves – slowly at first, then running*

Iason: Go back, Riki. Go back to the slums, stretch the weight off your wings. It's been three years. You can greet your old friends. You can even get back together with Guy. However...you'll certainly realize, the length of three years you can't bury. And then you'll know. The weight of freedom and the thirst of your blood. There is no pet ring left to bind you. Go, and come back, Riki. I'll give you only one year of freedom. Go, and make certain with your eyes, with your body, that you are already a stranger there, and return. I...will merely wait. Until that moment in which you truly become mine. That moment....

*the music continues*

Help section!!

(1??) "Kourinee yo na, ora wa." I'm pretty ??, aren't I. Back

(2??) "Security guard wa petto ni kado no kigai wo kawainai you ni kyouiku sareteiru." I can't figure out if he's saying "the guards know better than to hurt him" or that they did. Back

(3??) "Mejira something something." Daryl talks really fast -_- Back

(4 and 5??) I hate Daryl. XP Back

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