Fanfic Recommendations

In this section I list some other fics I found in the net and enjoyed a lot. They all seduced me with something – be it an overall idea, or the mood, emotions described, style... various things. It would be a shame to leave them unattended. So here they are – listed, described and directly linked to.

Sacrificial by Trowacko

Iason and Katze's first encounter. An interpretation on how Katze might have become a furniture. Awakened desires, tough moral choices and an electrifying emotional twist. ;-)
NC-17, Iason/Katze

A Taste of Heaven by Enigmatic Mirage

Set just before Iason releases Riki back to Ceres. Iason and Riki celebrate their third anniversary together. Can things change between them? A very nice, very well written story, showing Ai no Kusabi universe and its characters much as they really were.
PG-13, Iason/Riki

I'm Here by RueRoyale

Riki has returned to Eos, but the nature of his captivity has changed. Sometimes the roles reverse. What I especially like about this story is the ending.
NC-17, Iason/Riki

Just Like Heaven by Hime

When Riki wakes... Post AnK. What is the happy ending in AnK? Short, pithy and surprising.
PG-13, Iason/Riki