If you have some Ai no Kusabi fics, consider them good and want to see them on this site, just send them to me. However, I will not take all of them – I'm a rough selector. And so:

I don't like needless, stupid angst ("Ah, he didn't kiss me, I'm gonna kill myself"), OOCness, PWPs and crossovers. I don't like fics in progress (the authors love leaving them in progress), unless they are really good. I hate joyful spanking (any spanking at all).

So what do I like?

Characters in character (preferably strong guys ;-), action, good angst, finished stories. Also: nice dialogues, humor, some violence (and why not? ;-)) – but never stupid and pointless. I like fics with an idea. I like fics with a point. Rating – any.

But the truth is, the story doesn't have to have any of these. It's enough it appeals to me. So be brave and send your fics to me, nice please. ^_^



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