Sorry it took me so long. More than two months, ugh. ;( But here it is: Delivery, chapter 10. And by the way, it's the last one, so I really hope you will like it. And thereby my long-time adventure with the On Hire/Delivery arch ends. I guess, there's nothing more left to say than like always: Enjoy! >>


Delivery, chapter 9. Enjoy! >>


Surprise, surprise!

Now, here is the reason why it was taking me so long to finish chapter 8 of Delivery. I was writing another big thing and was trying to do it as fast as possible, as it is in fact alternative part 3 of Force Majeur (and I wanted to put it up not long after the original). So here it is. I think the biggest fun is to read both parts directly one after another and compare. But that's me. >>


Shortly: Delivery, chapter 8. >>

Sorry for the delay.


There came a time for completing things started a long time ago. Another of such things, after Delivery, is Force Majeur, fic whose translation I put on hold when I started writing On Hire. Now the translation is complete – but it is not my doing. The new translator's name is Anna Rain and I am absolutely grateful to her. So here it is – Force Majeur, part 3 along with the reminder summary of the previous parts. >>

And btw, hopefully there will be one more surprise concerning this fic. Soon. ;-)


Finally, after I won't even mention how long, I gathered myself and hereby I resume updating my fic Delivery. For now chapter 7. I promise that you won't have to wait very long for chapter 8. Many thanks to my new beta-reader, Labingi! >>


A few new fanarts:
– New version of the bath pic (On Hire illustration) by Mathia. >>
– One new pic in Single works; unfortunately I don't know the author. >>
– Introducing a new artist, HerbstRegen. >>


Last portion of Saichi Nagato's illustrations to the newest edition of the novel along with a slightly changed layout and a new version of the gallery. Now you'll be able to wind the images that open in a new window. I hope it will be more convenient. For me it was definitely a challenge. >>

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