CD Drama

These are the translations made for the CD Drama Dark Erogenous. They have been made by Croik who was so nice as to allow me to put them on my site. Many thanks to Croik. ;-)

Intro by Croik:

These translations are for the Ai no Kusabi radio drama, which spans the three years Riki spent as Iason's pet. Basically it takes place between the first and second scene of the anime, starting when Riki has been put up for sale in Tanagura to when Iason releases him back into the slums. They're meant to be read while listening to the drama itself, which is why I included sound cues. Also, the little blurbs beneath the track numbers are descriptions from the CD booklet.

I've been studying Japanese for seven years now and watching anime longer. Though I still can't consider myself to be really fluent in the language, I'm pretty confident in the accuracy of these translations. However, there are a lot of times I can't hear *what* the characters – mostly Iason – are saying, let alone how to translate them. ??? means I couldn't make out whatever sentence/phrase was said, (??) is for just a missed word. The script included with the CD helps a lot, but still at the bottom I'm keeping a list of things that gave me trouble.

Translation notes:

Several times during the drama you'll hear Riki begging for Iason to let him go (ikasete kure). However, the Japanese word for "to go" (iku) can also be used as a slang word for "to cum". Considering the nature of Iason's... er, unique methods, sometimes it's hard to tell whether or not Riki is asking to be released, or "release", as it were.

For the most part, I've simply translated it as "go", so it's up to whoever's reading to draw their own conclusions. However, there is a part later where Iason replies to Riki's pleas with, "I'll let you go as many times as necessary..." but he obviously doesn't have any intentions of giving Riki up. In cases like that where it's obvious which meaning of the word they're using, I'll make a note of it.

As a side note, if you've watched the sex part of the Ai no Kusabi anime as much as I have (*blush*) you might now be wondering about the part in there where Riki says, "Let me go". In this case, though, he really is asking for Iason to back off and let him rest (kanbenshite kure). Poor boy looked exhausted. ^o^

In these tracks there's a lot of use of the verb daku, which literally means "to embrace", but has the undertone of "to have sex with". But I didn't want to translate it as "having sex with" because really... it's more like "Riki's getting fucked by Iason". But since I can't imagine Iason saying, "yeah, I fucked him", for the drama I'm translating daku as "to take". Hopefully it gets the point across well without being slangy.

And with that, the translations – Enjoy!

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Original mp3 tracks for download

Dark Erogenous subbed visualization

The visualization has been made by Lent. It combines the mp3 tracks and Croik's translations in one .avi file, so you can at the same time listen to the drama and read the text in English. There are also some graphic images included, so if you use your imagination a little, it's almost like watching the Dark Erogenous OVA. Definitely much more interesting and easier than reading and listening separately.

DE visualization for download